If you are looking for a new web hosting provider, no matter for your own blog, eCommerce or company website, you should follow these top 10 primary guidelines. Previously we have select a list of affordable web hosting plans for bloggers, if you have still no idea which hosts to choose form, spend some time on our TOP 10 web hosting providers review too.

Amount of Disk Storage and Bandwidth

When choosing your web hosting, the first important thing you keep in mind is that how much storage and what’s the bandwidth you can use for the hosting plan. For general shared web hosting plans, “Unlimited” has become a industry gimmick for attracting new customers. Some of these web hosting providers are really provide you the unlimited resources normal site usage only, it means that you can’t build up a file hosting site, free download freebies etc. Once you’s site affect other sites in he same shared server, they probably ask you transfer to another host or your account will get disablement. So make sure to read the terms and conditions first, particularly if you are going to launch a popular or high load website.

Free Domain

Although you have your own domain names, it’s absolutely not bad to get a free extra domain. Most hosts offer a free “life-time” domain come along with the hosting plan. “Life-time” means you can use this free domain until you don’t use their services. There is a grey area is that when you end your account, some of then might charge you back the domain registration fee for one year, or even some of them are not allowed you to transfer it to another domain registrar.

Uptime Guarantee

99.5%, 99.9% or even 100%, these are all the hosts claiming for their uptime guarantee whatever it’s not completely true. You should better to research on the web for their hosting reputation by user reviews, therefor we have created a list of reliable web hosting providers review for you. So how to check the true system uptime? It’s recommended to use website monitoring service like Pingdom to help to measure the downtime.

Extra Applications

Some hosts offer a handy feature, One Click Installer, you can easily install any popular open source on your site for just click one simple button. DreamHost offer One-Click Automatic Software Installers service, install software or application such as WordPress, Gallery, ZenCart, PhpGedView, Pligg, dotProject, Moodle, Joomla, phpBB, MediaWiki, WebCalendar, Advanced Poll, and Trac is no longer a hard task. If you are running an online store, some hosts offer setups for eCommerce solutions as well.

Free AdWords Credit

You might probably need promotion campaign for your new site, it definitely pretty good to get free credits to use PPC like Google AdWords. Many host usually offer $50 Google AdWords credit for new customers, but some hosting companies provide this freebie US residents only, you need contact them before signup if you are not sure about that.

Number of Domains Hosted

Part of beginning hosting plans can only allowed you host single domain only, that mens you must register a new plan to host another domain in case you have any new project in future. Highly we would recommend you to choose the plans can host up to 10 or even more domain names, since for general site is quite sure you can’t use 100% of the server storage and bandwidth limit that they provide for. Host multiple domains is a must-have feature in my opinion. Right now most of established web hosting companies provide unlimited domains hosted service for a higher price, it’s the best choice for you no except you are going to host your personal blog.

Email Accounts & Features

Many web hosts also offer email account for your domains. You will need to know how many email accounts you are allowed to set up, and whether you can have web-based email access. Can you get your mails in your client of choice via IMAP, POP or SMTP? It’s perfect if they have Google Apps integration that you can use Google Gmail for your domain for example [email protected], [email protected], etc.

Database Support

Nowadays most hosts offer MySQL that’s probably enough for most people, but if you’d prefer alternative such as PostsgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server, remember to contact for confirm if they offer that.

Customer Support

Customer service or technical support is a critical point! Can you contact them via phone 7/24 directly? Do they have a support email address, ticket system or live chat? Do they have a wiki or library of help articles or tutorials? How long the response time is? Don’t choose a host until you know exactly what support they offer.

Money-back Guarantee

Never mind if you are not satisfied with the web host services, if they offer trial period and money-back guarantee. As i know, DreamHost now has the longest trial period in the industry, totally 97 days. You will automatically be refunded all your money with 97 days if you decide to close the account, anyway you can not violate their TOS or anti-spam policies. You should beware to choose the web host if they have a short trial period or no money-back guarantee, trust me!

Conclusion: What are your tips?

If you are interesting about this article, you might also read Web Hosting Guides & Options for Beginners to help you choose a prospective host. I’m sure you’ve got some great tips for choosing a web hosting solution, let me know if you have some points that we should mention on this tutorial, and share your thoughts which hosts you do recommend and the experience, good or bad?

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