When we build a new site, selecting a right domain is critical step in creating successful websites besides the content. Generally the basic rules for choosing a good domain including .COM is the premier choice, domain shorter is better, easy to spell for people, and avoid any trademark risk as possible. You can find load of online tools to help you checking availability and suggesting similar domains that are related to your searches. In this article, we would list the best online web applications to help you choose better domain names.


FreshDrop.net is the most popular expired domain name search engine. One of the key advantages is the powerful tools that you can easily quick scan through hundreds of thousands of domains with a multitude of filters to search for you domains within seconds.

AJAX Whois

Ajax Whois is a comprehensive and easy to use service for finding available domain names and obtaining WHOIS and other information about registered domain names. There is a list of domain hacks at the right sidebar once you search any domain name.


NameBoy is a simple domain name generator, just enter the primary and secondary keyword, it will automatically generates domain names based on these keywords you enter, and you can even register or backorder them accordingly.


DomainsBot is an available domain search and suggestion engine that you are allowed to customize a search. For example, you can search domaisn by status for available, for sale, & expiring, or set the maximum domain character length from the results or exclude domain results that have a hyphen/numbers/adult terms.


Domainr suggests web site addresses that make clever use of non-.com top level domains, subdomains, and folders, like del.icio.us, burri.to, or stop.spamming.us.


Dot-o-mator is a domain idea generator that give you domain name suggestions based on prefixes and suffixes you specify, and allows you to save the suggestions to a scratchboard. Just enter words in the left box, and choose some endings. Click to combine button. If you see a name you like, you can check its availability or save it to your scratchboard. Moreover, their Web 2.0 Name Generator is also a handy tool that inspire and refresh you with new domain ideas.


BustAName is a tool to help you find domains and manage them. It combines linguistic data with a unique interface to let you quickly search through thousands of domains and see which are available. The available domains that are returned can be sorted in a number of ways such as “by readability” or “by length” for easier viewing.

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