Flippa is the premier marketplace on the Web for buying and selling websites. You can find website sold for from $20 to $250,000. The marketplace is very active that you can find new listings every minute. Nevertheless, have you had any experience before to buy website from them?

Anyway, if you are new on Flippa to buy website, you may have a read this article. I do believe the protection for buyers is quite not sufficient since everyone can register an account and then place bidding without any validation such as credit card verification. Below is a few user agreement quotes you should watch out for.

How is Flippa involved after an auction or sale is won?

  • Once an auction or sale is completed or won, and the seller and winning buyer are sent each other’s details, Flippa’s role is limited.
  • Flippa can’t oversee the payment process or the exchange of property. Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer assistance in cases where an exchange doesn’t go as planned.
  • Flippa and its Associates are not responsible in any way for the compliance by each Buyer or Seller with the Sale Agreement. Flippa do not guarantee and cannot ensure that a Buyer or Seller will actually complete a sale of a Website or act lawfully in their use of Flippa.com.

Here we would share a few practical tips and guides to help you purchase websites on Flippa successfully. Not enough? Check out Flippa’s Buyer FAQs page for more information.

Shill auction bidding

How can you spot the shill bidding or suspect you are being shilled? Well, it’s hard to avoid shill bidding honestly. Anyway, you can still keep an eye on whether there is any strange bid. In addition, eBay Guides has shared some signs you can spot for these shill biddings on their auction site. I think these rules are also useful and can be implemented on Flippa too.

Research the website first

When you are interested for a site, you should search the domain on Google first. It’s the basic method to check whether you are purchasing a worth site. If you can only find a few pages or there is any negative feedback about the site, just simply move on.

Use Escrow service for big deal

An escrow service acts as a middleman between a buyer and a seller. It holds the money the buyer has paid for until both the buyer and seller are satisfied that ownership of that website has transferred successfully to the buyer.

It a safety precaution for buyers when the seller accept using escrow services. I would recommend you to use Escrow.com for big deal like $5,000 or more. Never use Western Union & electronic transfer as the website payment. In case you want to speed up the website ownership transfer, PayPal is always the best weapon.

Google Analytics proof is must

Google Analytics PDF report is a reliable traffic proof for any website. If the website owner don’t upload Google Analytics attachments or any other traffic proof, obviously it’s nonsense if you still place a bid on this listing. As a webmaster, Google Analytics is a necessary website statistics tracker. You can imagine the seller may want to hide something that buyers would not want to see such as low traffic. Again, keep away from this kind of listings.

Beware previous listing history

Sometimes you may notice there is a yellow triangle beside the auction domain. The number means how many times the site has been listed previously. The Flippa relisting fee is half price only, lots of people would like to list their site again if it can’t get sale. Beware of any site that has been relisted for several times. It’s probably a significant warning sign.

Earning proof screenshot is unreliable

It’s not clear that if you buy a website solely depends how much earning the site is claiming by the seller. The most common method that scammers use is tweaking the screenshot, particularly the Adsnese earning proof. You can estimate roughly how much the actual earning is comparing with the amount of organics traffic. If the seller highlight how much the Adsense earning is monthly on listing title without impressive traffic proof, it’s very likely a scam.

Trust Rating & Feedback score

The Trust Rating of seller is also an important indicator when you are buying websites from someone. Flippa’s trust rating is based on several criterias including verified phone number, how much positive feedback the seller has received, how long the seller been registered, associate your social media accounts, etc. And the feedback score displayed in the seller profile represents the percentage of positive feedback they’ve received. Higher is better of course.

My bottom line

Buying website is an long term investment. You have to use the minimum amount money to grab a potential site that can help you generate much more in future. Obviously it’s not a easy task. But if you can implement these handy tips and guides when deal in websites with Flippa, it’s easier to succeed.

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