Flippa is the best most popular online marketplace for buy & sell websites, but you need pay for $19 listing fee before you can sell a website and 5% additional success fee you have to pay with buyer or yourself after selling a website successfully.

Anyway, there is an alternative place you can buy/sell websites for free. Digital Point Forums is one of the most popular webmaster & search engine optimization forum on the web. Its Buy, Sell or Trade forum has bunch of practical features for members although the forum software is powered by vBulletin. You are allowed to set the auction types bidding system or or fixed price, amount of bid increment, auction period, and accept buyer to pay instantly via Paypal for verify member. Don’t forget you can’t even find part of these features on Flippa! This marketplace is very active comparing with the main competitor Flippa.

Due to Digital Point forum marketplace is free for every member, you can also predict the someone has take advantage of this free service to post spam threads. However, i would not say that Flippa has no spammer or scammer, but if you want to sell/buy a small budget & entry level website, why not vote for Digital Point? I have used both services previously and sold several websites from hundreds to a few thousands, how about you? Share your experience with us on comments.

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