.CO, the top level domain country-code for Colombia, is now available for public general registrations. The official .CO registry CO Internet has been reported that 40K .CO pre-registered, there is almost 90K registrations in the first 15 minutes, and 200K registrations have been processed since its launched today. You can see the total number of .CO registered to date on the registry site. .CO make some people lot of hard cash, such as O.CO sold to Overstock.com for $350K and E.CO sold for a public Sedo charity auction for $81K. Twitter even buy the T.CO for its official URL shortener.

.CO ccTLD is hot around the domaining industry because most of domainers might see it’s a generic alternative to .COM, and it’s easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use. Anyway the .CO aftermarket has begun for hundreds up for sale right now. Godaddy charge $29.99 yearly for new .CO domain, and Name.com is cheaper for just $28/yr only.

Is it worth to spend $30 for registering a ccTLD due to the common typo .COM?

The answer is quite clear for me, NO. I am not buying any .CO. Global brands and corporates are willing to buy a small number of premium generic keywords for six figures or more to protecting their trademarks. Otherwise, it’s just a typo TLD (like .CM), or you can say it’s a totally domain disaster. Generic TLDs is always the king, but .CO is a good alternative investment for all domainers. It will be interesting to see if anymore .CO sale report and how many people will pay $30 to renew these domains next year. Are you going to buy any .CO?

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