Lots of people think deviantART is the largest online social network community for artists and art enthusiasts. eviantArt now has 14.4 million registered members and the site gets 100,000 pieces of art uploaded per day, along with 1.5 million comments. It also draws 35 million unique viewers a month, according to the company. Today they unveiled a new goody – deviantART Muro, a free browser-based painting app built using HTML5. It’s doesn’t require Flash or plugins, all you need is a modern HTML5-compatible web browser. Since this web application is based on HTML5, it also works well on Apple iPad. Muro has two modes, basic and pro. Basic shows only your canvas in the work area while pro presents a heads-up display and layer palette.

The program has more than 20 brushes that supports various layers and levels of opacity. And there is a bunch of drawing tools such as an eraser, eyedropper, and flood fill and more than twenty filters for blurring, sharpening, embossing, or any other image editing type of task once you’re done with your image. You are allowed to submit drawings directly to your deviantART Gallery too. Multiple layers are supported with a progressive undo/redo function.

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