DreamHost is a one of the most popular web hosting providers in the world. The service and price is great that you just only pay for $8.95/mo to get unlimited domains hosted, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth monthly and unlimited E-mail & FTP-accounts. Anyway if you are looking for a shared hosting plan with these unlimited quotas and features, you have to go deeply into their terms of service and any company policy.

CPU Minutes

You should note that bandwidth and CPU usage are very different and do not measure the same resource. DreamHost measure server resource consumption in CPU minutes. This number indicates how much time a processor spends working for your username. You can use as much as you like as long as you do not affect the server or other customers. It’s claimed that you are able to use up to 300+ CPU minutes without causing issues if you optimize your sites well. Average shared hosting customers normally use less than 5 CPU minutes per day for their accounts, so if your site bring down a servers performance, DreamHost has the right to disable or temporarily any domain at any time. Luckily your higher usage website can be moved to a server with less customers on it to limit the number of customers affected by very high CPU usage. You are recommended to optimize your web site design to minimize the server storage, bandwidth, file system, memory, and cpu impact as much as possible.

Unlimited Policy

Like many other hosts on the web, DreamHost offer a competitive hosting plan with unlimited storage and monthly bandwidth, they even give away extra 50GB of space for backups use for each customer. There is a certain types of sites whose essential purpose is to use disk or bandwidth are strictly prohibited in the “Unlimited” terms.

  • Copyrighted content you are not the copyright holder of.
  • File upload, sharing, archive, backup, mirroring or distribution sites.
  • A site created primarily to drive traffic to another site.
  • Making your account resources available (whether for free or pay) to the general public.

If your hosting account starts overloading the server, try to upgrade to VPS or dedicated servers hosting to prevent account disablement.

Anti-Spam Policy

Spam is against DreamHost’s Terms and Conditions, these variations include off topic or promotional messages on bulletin boards, guestbooks, Usenet newsgroups, or chat rooms. If you plan to use their account to spam, it will result in the immediate disablement without refund.

The Bottom Line

DreamHost is just an example that remind you have to beware these hosting providers’ “unlimited” quotas for a shared hosting account. Anyway it’s absolutely true that other hosts have exactly the same limitations. Next time when you signup a web host, follow the user policies and use your hosting space reasonably.

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