Today Google has revealed a new website, their own URL shortener – You might know that Google’s URL shortener has been available on last December but only as a feature of specific products like Google Toolbar, Blogger, Maps, Picasa and Feedburner. Today Google announced that they have now made URL shortener public allowing anyone to create short URLs and track stats for them accordingly. You can simply copy and paste the long URL and instantaneously produce a short one. Although Google insisted that the new service is not going to head on against the main competitor, they claimed that is the “stablest, most secure, and fastest URL shortener on the web.” Over the past year, has almost near 100% uptime and has added spam and malware detection to the shortened URLs.

You can check the short URL traffic stats, referrals and visitor’s location on Comparing with, the biggest difference is that you can even see these visitor’s countries, browsers and platforms on its detail page. Anyway, there are several popular URL shortener services such as, Twitter’s and, is it necessary to create one more “just another URL shortener”? If i am a Google aficionado, it’s the best tool to replace other URL shortener competitors. Otherwise, as the post title said, it’s probably just another URL shortener. How do you think? Will you switch to from and other similar services?

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