Google sitelinks are automatically generated by their algorithms that can help visitors navigate your sites easier in search results. Sitelinks are links to a site’s interior pages. Although these shortcut links are completely automated, it’s known that only useful, quality and high traffic sites can get sitelinks. If your site has sitelinks, it can save time for your readers to navigate your site deeply and easily. Your site will be easier get sitelinks if it has a good SERPs and well-structure design.

Simply search your site domain or relevant keywords, you can find the sitelinks on the first position of result page. If you want to check sitelinks officially, on the Google Webmaster Tools homepage, click the site you want. Under Site configuration, click Sitelinks. If we have sitelinks information for your site, it will display a list of sitelinks.

Due to the Google PR updating, Webmaster Crunch just got 8 sitelinks that is also the maximum quantity each site can get although the PR is still no change at this moment. How about your site? Does your site have sitelinks yet?

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