Are you a Amazon Associates affiliate? It’s one of the most reliable and popular affiliate programs on the web. You can make a commission from 4% to 8.5% for each customer you refer to Amazon. 4% rate is really not bad if you refer someone who buy a laptop or digital SLR on a price range $3000 or more. And Amazon is the most trustable brand, people are more willing to shop with them online. As a result, you have a bigger chance to earn referral fee. Once you refer customers to Amazon, they take care of order processing, collecting the money, and the shipping. There is nothing further work you need to handle. Anyway, we are not going to discuss about why you need to be an affiliate of Amazon or the reasons you should join Amazon Associates on this post. Here we would introduce a few WordPress plugins and Amazon store scripts to boost your revenue with almost zero effort.

It’s the payment history of my Amazon Associates account. ;)


WPRobot is a powerful WordPress auto blogging plugin that allows you to automatically generate Amazon products, ClickBank ads, and eBay auctions post. WPRobot Amazon Module can auto blogging posts with your Amazon Associates tracking ID, you can automatically create posts based on the keywords you specific or use Amazon BrowseNodes to target specific categories of Amazon products. WPRobot can output the full Amazon description including all tables, images and customer reviews. Easily display product information on posts, including the product description, images, feature lists, number of reviews, product star rating and price. Click here to view more details.


Reviewazon amazon wordpress plugin
ReviewAzon is another Amazon product review WordPress plugin. It supports for all the Amazon Affiliate programs including Canada, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Japan. You are able to define a set of time by using the Bulk Product Post feature of ReviewAZON. You can have products automatically post to your blog over the course of days, weeks and even months allowing you to focus on promotion rather than content creation. Other great features including SEO friendly images and product URLs, and Output Caching can speed up the rendering of product content to your visitors by reducing the load time and the number of calls to the Amazon web service. Visit for more details.


Associate OMatic is a fully-featured store building application specifically targeted to Amazon Associates. With Associate-O-Matic you can build a standalone store or add a shopping area to an existing website or blog. NO programming or database required. It has a web-based admin control panel let you easily custom your store. Support huge selection of thousands of items, across hundreds categories and subcategories. There is a free lite version you can download but 9 out of 10 times your Associates ID will be used. You can see the comparison chart of lite and paid version here.

Amazon Showcase

Amazon Showcase is a nifty WordPress widget that allows to showcase Amazon products with your Associates ID. Simply enter the ASIN/ISBN number of any product and select the locale. The product image will be displayed with a link to the product detail page on

Amazon Reloaded

A WordPress plugin allows you to quickly and easily insert text and image links to Amazon product pages into posts. In order for this plugin to work properly, you must setup your Amazon Web Services secret and API key. If you do not currently have these keys, you need to visit Amazon Web Services and sign up for an account.

AVH Amazon

AVH Amazon plugin gives you the ability to add multiple widgets which will display one or more random items from your Amazon wishlist, baby registry and/or wedding registry. You are also able to show an item with its link, in posts and pages by use of shortcode.

Amazon Machine Tags

The plugin checks for machine tags with ISBN or ASIN numbers, gets the product data from Amazon, and displays it in the sidebar or in a blog article. Your Amazon Associate ID is included automatically for your registered locale. It gets the item information and a thumbnail image from the Amazon Web Services API. You can also edit the server-side, semantic and valid XHTML output via XSLT, change the CSS, or translate the admin interface through PO-files.

Amazon Widgets Shortcodes

Easy management of Amazon Links & Widgets on your blog. Preserve your post consistency, use copy/paste Amazon code or build your links with an easy to use interface.

How about your Amazon Associates performance? Do you use any thirty plugin or application script to improve your commissions? Look forward to hearing from you on comments.

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