Before you choose your domain name for your website, you may have to follow the following basic rules/tips when registering a new domain.

1. .COM is King – Always select .COM generic TLD as your first choice, this is because not only .COM is original intended purpose for business, just think for generally you won’t type directly on your web browser address bar when you want to shopping online. Anyway, if you are running a local business outside of the United States, use a local country TLD such as wisely. For a personal blog you might try using .ME or .IM to add a personal touch. Non-profit? Go for a .ORG. Have your own video production company? Try using .TV.

2. Shorter & Simple is Better – The shorter, simple & memorable domain name is easier to let people remember/type/ verbally about your website. Again, you want your visitors to remember your domain name, so you want it to be as easy as possible to type.

3. Avoid Typo – Try to find a domain that only has one possible spelling and is not easy to confuse your website visitors with typo issue.

4. No Hyphen – People are more likely to treat a hyphen domain as a substitute. You are sending your type-in traffic to the same/similar domain without hyphen obviously. You need to avoid using a hyphen in your domain name if you can. So, think an alternative if all possible are registered. It’s better for SEO and make not hard to remember.

5. Avoid Trademark & Copyright Infringement – You should be very careful and clear to avoid any trademark issue when register a new domain. & TeachBook are two good examples. If you have doubts about copyright issues for a particular domain name, search the US Copyright Office first before you buy.

6. Keyword Rich – Choose a domain name that is full of keywords that are related to your website. For example, if your website an online store of books, you can register a domain including the keyword “books”. If you are a domain trader, the value of keyword-rich domain is can go very high.

7. Brandable & Unique – Think something different. Keyword-rich domains are good for SEO, but sometimes a brandable and unique domain can be more easier for marketing. You may notice that most of Internet giants own a brandable domain such as Google, Amazon & Yahoo!. Try to use a domain suggestion tool to help you pick a fresh domain name.

8. Reject Numeral Substitution & Slang – Numeral substitution is described domain that use the numeral “4” instead of “for”, “2” instead of “to”, etc. These domains can easily confuse your visitors and is harder to remember anyway. If a domain use “U” instead of “You”, it’s a slang domain. Stay away from slang spellings of words and numeral substitutions.

Any other suggestions you’d offer for choosing domain names? Share your comment with us.

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