This time we would talk about the topic, how to sell more advertisement on your blog? You probably know how to put Adsense and sell banner spots through your blog, but there is still a few issues you should beware. I have grouped 9 critical key points to improve your advertising revenue from your blog efficiently, help you make money money successfully.

#1 Show the Advertise Here banner

Create a “Advertise Here” banner to let your visitors know your blog has banners for sale. If you don’t open spot and let your potential advertisers know what exactly their ads are visually, you won’t sell any ad. So make sure to keep that “Advertise Here” banner up and running.

#2 Set Price from Low to High

At the beginning, you should better to start a lower average advertising price than you normally would like to get for these ad slots, since you need to attracting more advertisers first. And then once you get a steady amount of long-term and satisfied advertisers, try to increase the price slowly for a acceptable rate. Anyway, give away a special discount for the very first banner sold.

#3 Social Media Promotion

How about tell your friends or followers via social media platforms that your blog has advertising slots up for sale? Twitter, Facebook and many popular social medias you can use to promote for the ad spots. Sometimes it works very well for particularly niche sites.

#4 Place Banners above the Fold

If ads are visible immediately when someone visits a web page, those ads are above the fold. In other words, when people need to scroll down a page to see your ads, this placement is considered below the fold. If you want to sell more ads, try to have a “above the fold” placement for these ad spots so that they are visible without scrolling.

#5 Blog Yourself Your Advertisements for Sale

This is the most straightforward and easy method to let all your readers know and sell banners ads directly. Since you are a blogger and won’t be shy to tell about the new advertisement spots on your blog. This is also very important step because your loyal readers always would be potential advertisers source. Don’t forget it!

#6 Don’t Over Sell!

If you were advertiser, you won’t be happy to see that the blogger show too many ads on the same page. never over sell your ads spots, try to limit certain number of ads such as 4 or 6 you can sell overall. It’s also a selling point for other advertisers and encourage them to renew next month, otherwise they will only close the advertising relationship very soon.

#7 Creating a Advertising Page

A good advertising page should include blog description, current available advertising regions, monthly price, traffic & RSS feed stats, testimonials from previous advertisers or even audience demographics if you have any.

#8 Review and Approve Your Advertisers

Cash is king theory is invalid if you want sell more advertisements. Like we have mentioned above about the oversell point, you must review the coming advertisers what services/products they offer and ask yourself whether you can put the banner up on your blog. It absolutely hurt your other advertisers if you approve a gambling or adult ads that are not improper definitely on your family friendly blog.

#9 Research Your Potential Advertisers

It’s a top secret tip for all of you here! If you have a quality blog, it won’t be hard to sell ads. First you need to research your competitors at the same niche, find their advertisers and then email them directly. It’s critical to let them acknowledge that your blog is worth to pay for. You need to list the monthly price, ads placement and tell them why they should buy ads from your blog. In my past experience, you usually can get response within several days, or you should find another potential advertisers again. If you get any inquiry email, don’t miss the chance even you offer a further discount for a longer business relationship.

Do you agree with me? Tell us about the 10th point you know on the comment below!

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