Webmaster Crunch is currently hosted on DreamHost with the nameservers like this below,


Setup Domain Name Server (DNS) or private nameservers can hide your actual nameservers so no one can know which web hosting your site is currently hosted. You need to login your domain registrar to change the DNS setting. When we get private nameservers, specific to our domain name, like this:


GoDaddy allows customers to set up up to 13 hosts, depending on the maximum number of hosts the top-level domain name (TLD) registry allows. Below is the instructions to register your own hosts and set custom nameservers for your domain.

To Register Your Own Domain Hosts

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. In the My Products section, click Domain Manager.
  3. Click the domain name you want to use to register as your own nameserver.
  4. In the Host Summary section, click add.
  5. In Host name, enter the host name you want to register.
    NOTE: The value entered here will be appended to your domain name to create the host name. Do not use the ‘www’ prefix. Example: For the domain name webmastercrunch.com, entering ‘ns1’ here results in ns1.webmastercrunch.com.
  6. In the Host IP fields, enter the IP address(es) you want to add to the host.
    NOTE: If your server has only one IP address, you can use the same IP address for multiple hosts except where forbidden by the domain name’s registry. If you are a DreamHost user, you can set up the host with these IP addresses.

    ns1.dreamhost.com has address
    ns2.dreamhost.com has address
    ns3.dreamhost.com has address

  7. Click OK. It takes 4 to 8 hours to register hosts for .COM and .NET domain names and 24 to 48 hours for all other domain name extensions.

To Set Custom Nameservers for Your Domain

  1. Log in to your Account Manager. In the My Products section, select Domain Manager.
  2. Use the checkbox(es) to select the domain name(s) you want to modify.
  3. Click Nameservers.
  4. Select one of the following:
    I have specific nameservers for my domains.
    Specifies your domain is hosted with another company, and allows you to enter the company’s nameservers.
  5. Enter your nameservers. You must enter at least two nameservers for your domain.
  6. Click OK.

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