CNET The Digital Home reported that, one of the first internet search engines just sold for $36 million to Ybrant Digital, an India-based digital marketing company. Lycos is a search engine and web portal established since 1994. It even became the most visited online destination in the world back to 1999. In May 2000, Lycos was sold to Terra Networks of Spain for $13 billion, and then it was sold off again to Daum Communications, a Korean-based search company in 2004 for just $95 million.

Today Ybrant Digital announced the signing of a stock purchase agreement to acquire Lycos Inc. from Daum Communications of Korea for $36 million. This acquisition of Lycos included all of the company’s many services, including site-builder tool Tripod, free Web host Angelfire, and people finder WhoWhere.

Are you surprised about the deal history from $13 billion to $36 million with 10 years? Share your thought.

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