Unlike the other URL shortener services in the market such as bitly, tinyurl or ow.ly, Shorte.st is not just a normal online tool that allows you to shorten any long URL address into a shorter and simple one, but it can also monetize your website traffic into extra income. How does it work? That’s quite simple. All you need to do is register an account at their website first, then you are able to create a shorter URL by just one click. Those Shorte.st links will turn your links into earning ones by adding an ad layer. Your visitors will see an ad before reaching a destination page and you will make money.

Below is the shorter URL I generated for my website, you can click to have a try.

All the Shorte.st links you created will be tracked the statistics automatically and then calculated how much money you can make from that. You can share those short links on your website or all other social media websites. Moreover, their payout rate is depended on the countries where the visitor come from. United States is currently the highest with $14,04. Please note that Shorte.st has not yet specified the factor at how they calculate the amount made like impression or click. Anyway, they pay on the 10th of every month with minimum withdrawal is $5 for PayPal, $20 for Payoneer and $5 for WebMoney.

Link: http://www.shorte.st

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