Today Microsoft is rolling out Bing Rewards, a new program that lets users earn credits for performing actions like searching on Bing, making Bing their homepage and testing out new features. The more users perform these actions, the more credits they earn. Participants have to download the Bing toolbar for Internet Explorer, and register a Windows Live ID, to participate in the program. Users will earn credits for completing tasks such as searching on Bing, setting your homepage to Bing or trying out new features of Bing, and then those credits can be redeemed for different prizes. You can use these credits to redeem gift cards, movie tickets, digital electronics products, or even donate to charities. Not sure if you remember the previous failure of cash back, now it seems that Microsoft didn’t learn the lesson and once again launched a similar program in order to “buy” users.

Is it a good strategy to gain more market shares from search engine? I can say it’s absolutely a bad idea. It has no difference with someone paying you for using their search engine. And Microsoft can probably only reward those people who are already using Personally i think should enhance its search engine and offer more features for attracting loyal users, but not launching another affiliate program. Do Google need to pay you for using their search engine?!

Will i switch search engine to for the rewards? Sorry, i won’t! What do you think? Do you think this new rewards program can improve for a bigger market share?

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