MVI Web Analytics solution will keep you informed, help improve your Marketing ROI, and ultimately increase your bottom line:

  • Optimizing Your Web Site Usability
  • Maximizing Your Campaign ROI
  • Targeting Your Audience
  • Increasing Your Conversion Engagement
  • Enhancing Your Customer Experience
  • Sharing Your Performance Dashboards
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Power of Real-Time Analytics

The entire Live Stats platform offers a Real Time live view into all your website tracking, marketing, lead generation and optimization efforts. You never wait till the next day to measure results.

Elevate Your Conclusions With Fact!

The modern digital dilemma is- Data is everywhere but no one can make sense of it. You don’t need more data. You need the right data, in context, on demand, so you can make a decision or find an opportunity.

MVI Live Stats doesn’t force you to mine for ideas – it delivers answers faster, easier, and more rewarding, your entire organization can utilize the tools to simplify the conclusions.

Enterprise Level Web Analytics

  • Track nearly anything in real time
  • Displaying knowledge the way you want it exhibited
  • Analytics to separate all traffic into usable folders
  • Compare web advertising campaigns
  • Easy & Intelligent conversion tracking

Enterprise Analytics Filtering

MVI Live Stats made its reputation by giving you incredibly advanced analytics capabilities, measuring any number of correlations to any data source. You can track any event that’s happening – we call this system advanced filtering.

“Enterprise Analytics Filtering” does not mean “analytics experts only.” Live Stats Analytics has made it easy for the site owner and staff to practice performance focused marketing.

The Right Information Right Now!

Perhaps the most visible difference between MVI Live Stats and other systems is the ability to understand what every single dashboard and report displays. And that’s just one of many major leaps forward in usability plus the ability to simply click any interesting data point to dive deeper. When your team creates a new campaign in Facebook Ads or Google Adwords why should you recreate the details in your analytics tool? Exactly. If you leverage MVI Live Stats Analytics is smart enough to detect the landing pages, and provides one-click confirmation of conversion pages. No double entry needed. And it shows you all the types of inbound traffic your campaign is driving.

Go to for the complete story and a 3o day free trial.

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