Pingdom is the most popular web site monitoring service that you can get instant notification via email, Twitter or SMS to let you know when anything goes wrong. With Pingdom, you can monitor the uptime and response time of your websites and servers on the Internet and get alerts immediately if any problems are detected.

Pingdom Status is an official WordPress plugin that display your Pingdom monitoring data on your WordPress site with the current status and response time by graphs per month and a list of outages. This plugin synchronize the data direct from Pingdom and store in your regular database. You have to create a public status page to display the status data with a short code. You are also allowed to view detailed uptime and response time history for each monitored item, and select all or just some results public. Though this plugin comes with an attractive default styling, the output style template can be customized with your CSS. The plugin then uses the Pingdom API to download your monitoring results and make them available on your WordPress site. It regularly updates the service statuses from Pingdom once every 2 minutes, and updates the data used for graphs once every 10 minutes. It’s recommended that host your status blog separately in case your main site or service goes down, you still want your status blog to be accessible.

Try to sign-up an Pingdom free version account if you haven’t used it before, it’s completely free that you can monitor uptime & performance for one site.

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