Most of Bloggers use Google’s RSS publishing technology FeedBurner as a middleman to deliver their posts to subscribers. Anyway, have you heard FeedBurner’s PingShot, Ping FeedBurner and Resyncing option? This post we have a brief instruction for help you optimize your RSS feed smartly.


FeedBurner has a great feature “PingShot” that notify most web-based feed reading services to check and update your feed instantly instead on their own time schedule. First login to your feedBurner account, select the appropriate feed, choose “Publicize” tab and then enable the “PingShot” services. You can now see your post on RSS fed reader almost instantly when you publish new posts.

Ping FeedBurner

Do you know Feedburner updates automatically your blog RSS feed after 30 minutes of creating the new article. If you have edited your post content, Ping FeedBurner is a handy tool to help you update the RSS feed immediately. Simply enter your blog address hosting the source feed and hit the Ping FeedBurner button, it will give a push to force FeedBurner to update your feed instantly by pinging it.

Resyncing Your Feed

If you can’t fix the trouble of your RSS feed such as feed out-to-date issue, pinging FeedBurner problem, or your podcast files are not being turned into enclosures by our SmartCast service, go ahead to use the final resort – FeedBurner “Resync” option. FeedBurner advice to use this resync option only if your feed has these issues more than one hour. Once resyncing enables, it would clears FeedBurner cached version and refreshes its content from your original feed, and creates podcast enclosures for items that did not previously have them and contain links to podcast content.

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