If you notice your Google Adsense account has unusual page CTR like 5, 10 or even hundred of times more than your normal rate, you might probably being attacked by someone for Click Bombing. Google’s system will quickly react and disable your account due to the invalid click activity. Your account can be very easy to get disablement, you will also lose all the earning even Google recover your account later. Don’t want to be the victim? Let’s see how we can defend ourselves.

What’s Adsense Click-Bombing and How to Prevent it?

Adsense Click Bombing is when a malicious people or your competitor intent to massively click your Adsense ads with the sole purpose of getting this webmaster’s Adsense account banned.

#1. Google Adsense actually has an official “Invalid Clicks Contact Form” that you can use to report any unusual account activity even you predict someone will give you a click-bombing. You should quickly report any invalid issue to Google Adsense team when your site suffer a click-bombed, it’s the best method to let Google file your case and defend your Adsense account. Google will only contact you once Google suspect your account with any significant issue.

#2. Remove the Adsense ads which suffer click bombing issue temporarily until the whole issue gets resolved, it’s also important that you can prevent them destroy your account further.

#3. Tracking the click bombers! ClickAider is a handy free service for webmasters to track your PPC ads. Click Aider will detect clicks to your Google Adsense and other PPC networks. Just place the JavaScript code to start tracking with real time stats.

#4. Manage and control your ads with “Who Sees Ads” WordPress plugin. Who Sees Ads is an advanced ad management plugin that lets you decide who will see your ads with various conditions, such as only display ads for visitors who come form search engines, hide ads for those readers who have more than ads impressions. It’s absolutely a handy plugin you can install on your WordPress sites.

#5. Limit multiple clicks by IP address. You can use some basic Javascript code to limit number of click by IP, if someone try to multiple click your ads, it will automatically display another advertisement instead. For more details, click here. Please let us know if you know anymore valid JavaScript we can use to prevent invalid clicks.

My Bottom Line

Since Google take seriously about the click fraud issue, keep closer eyes on your daily Adsense stats. So you can quickly react on time from against the click bombing. Moreover, someone might grad your AdSense publisher ID and place on anywhere in order to achieve click-bombing so you can’t track their IPs, you can enable the “Allowed Sites” feature under “Adsense Setup” tab that only the URLs your specify can still display ads, but impressions and clicks won’t be recorded, advertisers won’t be charged, and you won’t receive any earnings for that URL.

Have you suffered from any Click Bombing on your blogs? Share your story on the comments.

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