I believe most of WordPress bloggers use a plugin such as Comment Reply Notification to let your blog commentators to subscribe the post that they have commented and notify with email once there is any new comment. The purpose is allowing people easier to follow up the comment and expand the conversation.

Recently i came across a blog and commented on one of the posts about website submission tools. There is no any option on the comment section to allow commentators select whether subscribe or not to the post comment. See below, a few hours later i was alerted by an email:

The question here is i never subscribe to this post comment, why they send the notification to me without my permission? It’s absolutely an offensive trick to attract more traffic. The worst thing is you can find any unsubscribe link on the email. Right, you can see that i have received several comment notification emails on the next few days about the same post. Finally i dropped this annoying email address to my spam folder, thanks Gmail did a great job! You can imagine the blog owner will probably use all their readers’s email to do something dirty, such as send spam emails or resell your email to someone.

You know you can’t leave a comment without an email, so create an exclusive email address to blog comment usage only. Do you think whether it’s offensive? Will you use this dirty trick on your blog? Share your comment below.

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