Google Page Speed Online Web-based Analyse Tool

Page Speed is an open-source project started at Google to help developers optimize their web pages by applying web performance best practices. It can help web developers to optimize the performance of a webpage. The Page Speed browser extensions, available for Chrome and Firefox Firebug, allow you to evaluate the performance of your web pages […]

Capture Webpage Screenshot in Google Chrome

Screen Capture is an official Chrome extension released by Google, you can install this extension capture current visible content of a tab, specific region of a web page, or whole page as a PNG format image. There is a few other screenshot extensions such as Webpage Screenshot, Awesome Screenshot, Aviary Screen Capture & Picnik Extension […]

Chrome AdBlock now Blocks Ads from Downloading

AdBlock is a must-have and popular plugin for most of Firefox, Chrome and Safari users to create custom filters and subscribe to arbitrary filter lists. Now Goolge Chrome users are lucky since it just got an important updated version, AdBlock can flawlessly block ads from downloading instead just hide/remove them. Previously these ads extensions can […]

Google Chrome Team’s Favorite Extensions List

Google Chrome is our official web browser besides the most popular modern browser Firefox. Recently Senior Vice President & Product Management Jonathan Rosenberg has posted a list of Chrome team’s favorite extensions that consists 19 extensions totally for almost all possible scenarios on the Official Google Blog. Opinion Cloud: Summarizes comments on YouTube videos and […]