A correct DNS server setting is very important since it can cause your website being downtime due to improper DNS settings or poorly configured DNS servers issues. Pingdom is a well known website monitoring service that includes statistics for uptime and response time, and can send out alerts via SMS and email. They latest has released a new free tool for webmasters, DNS Health Test. The DNS Health test in Pingdom Tools will help you find errors in your DNS settings, and verify that your domain name has been set up correctly.

The test will automatically find out which DNS servers are used by the domain name you specify, then perform a number of tests on them to make sure that the domain name is properly set up and that those DNS servers are responding in a consistent and correct manner.

You can check any site you want and share the result with others. Pingdom DNS Health automatically creates a permalink to your test that you can copy and paste into an email or other message. You can even share the results directly to social network like Twitter and Facebook. Besides the popular website’s performance Full Page Test, have you checked your domain name if its DNS servers are configured correctly? Go try the DNS Health!

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