Though social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are enjoying unprecedented popularity, when you need to meet groups of like minded people, one of the best places on the Internet remains a forum. That is why we created UK webmaster forum, a website setup principally to bring the community of webmasters in UK together. Strictly speaking, we are not limiting membership to UK based webmasters, webmasters from all around the world are very welcomed, especially if you have interested in UK angled to webmastering.

UK webmaster forum from Webmaster Serve have discussion threads and sub forum dealing with most of the usual topics you can expect from a webmaster discussion forums, issues such as web design, search engine optimisation, web hosting, social media issiues and more. There is also a raft of tools that can help you make various aspects of webmasterin easier such as XML site map generator, pagerank checker and many other tools.

Though online discussion is the main focuse of Webmaster Serve, useful information in the forum of informative articles are added to the site though the blog section called UK webmaster blog. Issues that warrants detailed information or a big tutorial showing webmasters how to do one task or the other tends to be posted in the blog section of the website.

To make finding webmaster resources easy for our members and other webmasters, we created a UK webmaster directory where webmaster serve members and the wider webmaster communitey can suggest their website or resources for listing.

Reading about Webmaster Serve is one thing actually joining and interacting with other members is another thing. That is why we invite you to join webmaster serve free of charge, interact with our members and see what a friendly communicty we are. To join, just visit Webmaster Serve.

* This was a paid review. If you are interested in having your site reviewed on Webmaster Crunch, please check out our advertising page for more information.

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