When you are reading this post, you probably have noticed that there is a flyout block at the right corner once you scroll down to the page. It’s powered by a WordPress plugin called upPrev, developed by item-9.com.

The plugin can automatically generates the next post link with the post categories. Visitors can easily click the cross button if they don’t want to see this “next post” button anymore. upPrev comes with an option page where you can choose animation style: flyout or fade in/out. You can also set the percentage of the page required to be scrolled to display this clickable link block. It’s very easy to install that you are not necessary to insert any PHP short code or edit existing template. There is also an advanced feature to let you define where to display the block by HTML element ID and class name.

You can see the instruction video below,

My bottom line

It’s a great idea to pop in a block with more further reading post links to accelerate more page views. However, i may recommend the developers can add features on next version such as allowing users define left/right to display the block, users can select which details to be listed on the flyout block but not only next post & its categories, and enable users easily to customize the outlook with CSS and HTML. Have you implement upPrev WordPress plugin on your sites already?

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