First please let me quote the slogan from Adblock Plus Firefox extension,

Annoyed by adverts? Troubled by tracking? Bothered by banners? Install Adblock Plus now to regain control of the internet and change the way that you view the web.

It’s right sometimes when you visit a website, a full page Flash ad or popup block advertisement is quite annoying, and then you may consider to install a plugin on your web browser like Firefox & Google Chrome to block these ads. As a general reader, it’s not a big deal to block the ads. But if you are a publisher, blogger and webmaster, people who use Adblock are selfish and looks like a thief.

Adblock is a very powerful application that almost block any type of ads including HTML banners, Javascript and Flash in a finger-tip. If you use Adsense on your sites, you may probably know that Adsense allows publisher to add maximum 3 ad units and one link unit on a single web page only. Do you think whether it’s reasonable to block these Adsense ads? Is it annoying and disturb you online?

Like many other webmasters, my point is clear. People should not use Adblock on serious websites and blogs except those spammy sites. For publishers who offer and share free content, they should have the rights to make money form selling ads. It’s not evil and i would say it’s a win-win deal. For example, bloggers spend lots of time to research and write quality posts, it’s a bonus to encourage them to publish more value content for free if the blog can generate revenue form advertisement like banner ads on sidebar. And the money can also cover the charge of web hosting, domain name and other potential cost.

How to fight against Adblock? You can quickly search with the term “how block adblock” to find a solution to block Adblock, we won’t disclosure here. If you are a WordPress users, Anti-AdBlock is a handy WordPress plugin to detect and then displays a notification message to those visitors who have turn on Adblock and then humbly asking them to turn it off. This plugin can actually block Adblock, it’s still a nice touch though. Moreover, Who Sees Ads is an advanced ad management that allows you define what condition your visitors can see the ads. There is a bunch of rules to decide whether to display the ads. For example, you can disable ads for visitors who are general readers of your site. It’s an alternative solution to fight back Adblock.

Someone might worry about the traffic sue to blocking Adblock. Anyway, i don’t believe your audiences will leave it right away and never go back since you block Adblock. It’s simple and true. People will continue to read your site if you can offer good content. In summary, as a blogger and webmaster, we should first ensure that all ads are not annoying and bother your audiences. Share your thoughts with us on comment.

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