Well, like the post title said, what’s your first domain name? I would like to share mine first. My first domain was registered though Site5 Web Hosting when i purchased their 2-year shared hosting plan back to several years ago. The domain is idut dot net. Although i have no idea why i bought this domain at that moment, it’s my first domain name on the web. Right now i only have a few .NETs, most of domain names in my portfolio are .COM. The exact register fee was around $10 paid though credit card. After one year later i had no longer to renew this domain and i had already registered many domains since that time. Anyway it was quickly bought by someone in US and then now it’s available in the domain pool again. So, i just curious to know:

  1. What was the first domain name you registered?
  2. Where did you register or purchase for?
  3. Do you still own or use it?

Share your story on the comments, i would love to hearing from you.

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